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The TIX (Tuscany Internet eXchange) was established as the Tuscan Neutral Access Point (NAP), designed to act as the interconnection point between the Tuscan Regional Telematics Network (RTRT network) and the access networks of private-sector Internet service providers (ISP) operating on local Tuscan territory. The aim of the initiative is to reap the benefits of having a strongly interconnected online civil service network and the benefits of achieving full territorial coverage for guaranteed, quality-controlledservices, which reach out to the population served by accredited ISPs.

ISPs interested in participating in the TIX are required to follow the accreditation process (see the flow chart to the side). The process is outlined in the documents linked to this page. Accreditation requires that ISPs guarantee minimum service quality standards in providing connection services to Tuscan government bodies, and more generally to the user base of the extended RTRT network.

Regional call for Internet Service Provider (ISP) Accreditation Tenders published in BURT no. 12 dated March 19th, 2003 with deadline dated in March 18th, 2005 has been extended until August 6th, 2018 according to Managerial Decree n. 6803-2016.

The Call was issued by the Tuscany Region on the basis of official resolutions made and the decisions taken by the management bodies of the Tuscan Regional Telematics Network, in an effort to promote the creation on Tuscan soil of a neutral access point for the interconnection of government and private-sector telecommunications networks. The purpose of the Call for Tenders is to institute an accreditation procedure which guarantees the quality levels of the services provided.

Schema. ISP: accreditation application, RT: formal assessment, IIT: working assessment, ISP: eligibility for accreditation, RT: decree of ISP eligibility, RT ISP: agreement made, ISP: Tix connection, ISP: activation, IIT: technical checks


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